About Us

Belrae Design is a collaborative work of Brisbane visual artist Jacqueline Scotcher and Northern-NSW berry farmer, Natalie Bell. We create original fabric designs, home furnishings, wall art and cushions to inspire interior spaces. Deeply influenced by the natural landscape, our designs use colour and texture to 'bring the outside in' and add personality to the home space.

Our first ever collection "Tropical Camo 2020' is out now. It is 100% designed, printed and manufactured in Australia.  We use plant based quality fabrics and seek sustainable practices and ethical sourcing. 

Natalie (left) Jacquie (right)

 Natalie (left) Jacquie (right)

 Our ‘Why’

Good design makes life better!

This mantra is our core motive. We want to produce the cushion that you proudly pouf, the piece of art that adds depth to your interior, the organic cotton pillowcase that just feels bloody lovely.

Belrae Design is about the little things that invigorate daily life, make your house a home (cliché noted but true) and are a unique expression of the beauty found in the natural world.

We are offering quality products for those who seek original design, Australian made, thoughtful and considered products. We're a small business that produces an aesthetic that embodies our values and those shared by you, our peers, which Belrae may resonate with. 

 Jacqueline Scotcher (Ph.D)

Jacquie is an artist and Belrae's Lead Designer. She prefers to paint how she feels moving through landscapes rather than talking about her feelings. Interested in slow observations, patterns made by nature and obsessed with lines, her paintings embody her way in the world and enduring love of natural terrain.

Her art practice has occupied her adult life. This resulted in a Doctorate in Philosophy, many works of art, and a career (so far) teaching art and design at university. You can learn more of her art at jacquelinescotcher.com

Jacquie loves making her indoor plants unreasonably large, quality coffee and kind people. Among many other things.

Natalie is one of her best mates. They went to school together.



Natalie has spent most of her life enjoying the fruits of the land. Her passion for farming comes from her family's 40 years producing blueberries. Farming has given Natalie an appreciation for the time and patience to allow things to grow. She admires the interchange between the seasons and how each seasonal change brings a new outlook for the years harvest.  

Natalie’s passion for fabric and design comes from helping her Mum sew as a young child. Making dance recital costumes, formal gowns and even dreaming up outfits that couldn’t be found in the shops. Her mum was more of a conventional pattern sewer. On the other hand Natalie's a 'free-spirit' creator, meaning her sewing path sometimes took much longer with less desirable results. But... you've gotta risk it for the biscuit! 

 Jacquie’s paintings have become quite the feature throughout Natalie’s homes. Natalie has always appreciated the dynamic interface of the different textures and colour that depict various landscapes. Whilst being childhood school friends, their true passion is shared in their appreciation for fine cheese and discussing the next adventure.

Why the name? Belrae 

Inspired by the composite band titles of the (awesome) ‘90s such as Silverchair and Powderfinger, we set about our own Frankenstein name to embody the multi-faceted aspects of our brand. It had to roll off the tongue and write well. Didn’t want one of those ugly looking/sounding words… like Boink or something.

The teal green Belrae was born.

Bel. Belle- a beautiful person, especially the most beautiful at a particular event. Belle of the ball. The shapes of bells are sexy. Bell is also Natalie’s family name.

Rae. Ray was Jacquie’s Grandmother’s name. Ray always took pride in her feminine style. Bright silk blouses commonly paired with jewellery that told a story. FOREVER one to speak openly and give a heartfelt compliment (or the opposite if deemed necessary). Ray lost most of her vision later in life, this did not dull her acute sensitivity to style. Once commenting ‘I love your outfit, so colourful!’ Jacquie said thank-you even though she was wearing pyjamas. Ray also whispered, ‘I can’t really see but I can tell he’s handsome’, in regards to Jacquie’s now husband. She was on the money.

Rei is also the last Jedi. A badass strong female who senses the intangible balance between things and wields a light sabre. A very welcome coincidence. May the force be with you.


About You

Belrae Design is made for you and extends beyond our products. We would love to hear your thoughts, what you love and what good design makes your life better. Follow-us on Instagram, leave a comment. We want to get to know you!